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Pool & Spa Panels:

We have taken our knowledge and experience from the Zoo and Aquarium industry to high-end residential and commercial swimming pools. We offer innovative acrylic viewing panels in many shapes and sizes. These viewing panels can be designed to match the most complicated radius negative edge wall to a simple spa panel.

With our unmatched customer service and superior installation methods, Aquatic Glazing International handles your pool project from start to finish.

Viewing panels have been increasingly popular of the past few years, because of the endless ways that they can be integrated into any pool design. Viewing panels offer great ambient lighting to any home or building and add an element of excitement.

Zoo & Aquarium
Viewing Panels:

Glazing Specialist for underwater, above water, acrylic and glass; Aquatic Glazing International is the preferred installation company for Zoos and Aquariums across the World.

Aquatic Glazing International specializes in the installation of glass and acrylic viewing panels for aquatic and dry habitats. Whether your project needs laminated low iron glass to complicated curved acrylic panels, domes or tunnels, our professional installation is second to none for watertight and leak free installations.


From leak detection, remediation and waterproofing; Aquatic Glazing International offers a variety of restoration services. Our restoration service allow a facility to keep their exhibits in optimum quality while minimizing potential greater cost in the future.

Restoration projects give an outdated exhibit a new look, generate excitement at the facility as well as prolong the life of the exhibit. Aquatic Glazing International includes Acrylic panel scratch removal, polishing, leak detection and waterproofing.


Aquatic Glazing International is your answer for Turn Key water containment and leak free glazing. From concrete consultation and waterproofing applications; Aquatic Glazing International’s waterproofing systems can be integrated into any aquatic habitat.

We specialize in flexible cementitious coatings and two part epoxy coatings. Our technicians go to the extra mile when it comes to concrete preparation, including drains, skimmer and pipe penetrations.

Aquatic Glazing International also offers various types of concrete injection, epoxy and or urethane to insure that your exhibit is watertight.