4501 Camden Drive
Location: Newport Beach, CA
Panel Size: 120” x 48”
Panel location: Floor panel of pool, looking into basement

Private Residence

Private Residence
Location: Bel Air, CA
Panel Size: 96” x 47”
Panel Location: Infinity edge wall spill over, sunken fire pit

Houston Marriott

Houston Marriott
Marriott Marquis Houston Hotel
Location: Houston, Texas
Panel Size: 159” x 100″
Panel Location: End of the pool, 110’ above ground level, overlooking the park.

Thrasher - Private Residence

Thrasher – Private Residence
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Panel Size: 8’ wide x 20’ long – Floor Window | 20’ long x 3’ tall – Theater window | 16’ long x 4’ tall – Edge panel